There are many ministry opportunities at The Greater Life Church and we would love to have you serving with us! A ministry volunteer is defined as an individual who freely gives their time and talents to assist The Greater Life Church in the accomplishment of its mission.

Ten Reasons to Serve
  • God commands all His children to serve.
  • You benefit from the ministry that’s serving you.
  • Spiritual gifts are to be used in service to others.
  • The church is properly built up only when all members are serving.
  • Serving allows you to enhance your own spiritual development.
  • Serving others is your tangible demonstration of your love and gratitude towards God.
  • Serving helps to keep you humble.
  • Your service creates a stronger means through which God can continue to minister to you.
  • You reflect the character of Jesus Christ through serving.
  • You glorify God through your faithful service.

Volunteer Form

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 Important Qualities of a Volunteer

  •  Value. Sees the God-given value in every person and seeks to serve and minister to each person in such a way as to reflect the significance that God places on them.
  • Opportunity. Sees ministry as an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others and advance the Kingdom of God through his/her service.
  • Loving. Serves in such a way that people know and feel God’s love and care by how the ministry attends them.
  • Unity. Seeks to promote and protect the unity of the church by serving with others toward accomplishing the ministry’s shared vision and mission.
  • Nurturing. Uses every opportunity to encourage and support those to whom they are called to minister.
  • Trustworthy. Can be depended on to handle confidential matters appropriately so that the best interest of the church and its members are protected.
  • Ethical. Committed to live and function with the highest ethical standards so that no dishonor is brought to God’s name or the church.
  • Excellence. Committed to offer superior service to those to whom they minister so that God’s glory is being reflected through their ministry.
  • Reliable. Can be depended on to faithfully fulfill their ministry obligations in a timely fashion while maintaining high level communication with their Deacon and Staff Liaison.
  • Servanthood. Strive to go the extra mile in their service to others so that the church can have a maximum impact in the lives of those we serve.